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Puerto Rico Coffee has always been considered of the finest quality in taste and aroma and it was coveted around Europe as the BEST coffee of the world. Puerto Rico CoffeeLab 31.01.2016 10:59:52

Ethiopia is the birthplace of Arabica coffee. Two of its most acclaimed coffees are from Yirgacheffe in the Sidamo Region and Harrar although their ... Ethiopia CoffeeLab 31.01.2016 10:59:52

Jamaica Blue Mountain is a wet processed washed coffee that is silky smooth and well-balanced with an excellent full body a classic and refined mild ... Jamaica CoffeeLab 31.01.2016 10:59:52

Colombia comes second after Brazil in supplying coffee around the World but comes first in growing Arabica beans. The Juan Valdez AD campaign helped ... Colombia CoffeeLab 31.01.2016 10:59:52

A blend made up of three of the best Arabica beans in the world that leaves a light but defined taste. Its chocolate note makes it ideal to go with desserts. Prestigio CoffeeLab 07.10.2015 12:06:19

This blend contains eighty percent Arabica beans from eight different prime locations and twenty percent Robusta beans. Sopraffina has a very strong and ... Sopraffina CoffeeLab 07.10.2015 12:06:19

Costa Rican coffee is consistently smooth and fragrant. Coffee has been grown in Costa Rica since the late 1700s. Most coffees are grown between 4 000 and ... Costa Rica CoffeeLab 07.10.2015 12:06:19